Queen Ant Melba was named after Isaac's Great Aunt Melba. The scrapbook is a community project made by various individuals. Different individuals created their pages and sent them in to be added to the scrapbook. It is a compilation of memories, ideas, articles, fun ant facts and other projects done in Isaac's name. Thanks everyone for the great pages!

Would YOU like to be a member of Flagstaff Ant Keepers?

Flagstaff Ant Keepers is a growing group of enthusiastic ant keepers that are raising their colonies starting only with a fertile queen. This is an educational life science project where the kids and their family get to have fun watching the queen complete the life cycle and raise their colonies and  by doing so learn amazing facts about ants.

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There are anywhere from 12,000 to 22,000 different species of ants!

Watch the Myrmecocystus mexicanus prepare for their nuptial flight.

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