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Isaac's Ant Foundation was created in honor of Isaac Calley. He crossed over at age sixteen due to a seizure resulting from a hypoxic brain injury caused by medical negligence at birth. He enjoyed contemplating the fundamental questions in life, stating at the age of eight, "Time is the greatest force in nature because, without time, nothing happens."
        Isaac felt strongly about the individual's responsibility to make the world a better place which compelled him to help other individuals with cognitive and physical disabilities. The more Isaac learned about ants, the more he wanted to teach others how incredible they are. Isaac's Ant Foundation continues Isaac's work in his name. 


If you are an ant you have a social stomach and a private stomach. Your private stomach is for you to use, but your social stomach is one you share! All your sisters and the queen share what they ate with you and you so the same. That's right, they regurgitate what they ate and offer it to you and you do the same! That's taking "sharing and caring" to a whole new level!

Watch the workers care for the pupae!

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