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Isaac felt strongly about the individual's responsibility to make the world a better place and he understood that people with disabilities were vulnerable and underappreciated. This compelled him to have a special interest in helping those individuals. We are proud to give a hand up to our scholarship recipients.

List of Recipients

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Morgan Mandia -"Being selected for your scholarship was an ecstatic moment for me and my family, and I thank you for being able to help us fund my dream of becoming a nurse."

Abigail Stetson - "I am currently studying pre-health and will apply for the CCC Nursing program. With your help I have more time and energy to spend on maintaining a high GPA. Thank you for investing in my future."

Anna Gottschling - "Thank you for selecting me to be a recipient of this scholarship. I was moved reading about Isaacs story due to how similar it was to my own. This scholarship will motivate me to do well in the rest of my studies at Coconino Community College. I hope one day I will have the opportunity to help kids like Isaac. Getting my degree in the medical field will hopefully lead me to a career working at the Phoenix Children's Hospital. Thank you."

Mary Dyer -"I am so thankful to have received the Isaac's Ant Foundation Endowed Scholarship. This scholarship will greatly help me along my educational journey at Northern Arizona University. I am an environmental science student minoring gin biology. I am greatly interested in the flora and fauna of the Colorado Plateau. Being selected for your scholarship was a very exciting moment for me. I than you for being able to help me fund my dream of becoming an environmental professional."

Rosa Ortiz - "I am applying for the opportunity to be a scholarship recipient for the 2023-2024 school year. I am a first-generation college student who has been working earnestly to be accepted into the Coconino Community College nursing program or Northern Arizona University Concurrent Enrollment Nursing Program. I currently work in health care as a Medical Assistant in an Urgent Care setting. I also am a continuing student at CCC and will finish my Associate in Applied Science in Pre-Health Degree in Spring 2023."

Elmer Quinto - "Thank you for this reward. This scholarship will help me support my education goals for someone with Autism spectrum disorder. I was recently diagnosed with ASD after I was discharged from the military. It led me on a journey in reaching for peer support and resources in my local community for my learning disability. Completing my education with the help of this scholarship will not only improve my quality of life but also make me stand out as an inspiration and symbol for people in the ASD community."

Irene Perez - "I thank you sincerely for choosing me as a recipient of the Isaac's Ant Foundation Endowed Scholarship. The funds will go directly towards my education at Northern Arizona University and help me further succeed as a student. I am earning my degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and upon graduation, I plan to be a part of the conservation efforts of Arizona’s native wildlife. I am highly honored to have been selected for your scholarship. Thank you for helping me accomplish my goals of protecting nature for the future to come."


Ants will raid other colonies, steal their young and turn them into slaves to serve their colony. 

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